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McGill Senate approves the final report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on COVID Academic Planning

AGSEM was recently informed that on May 11th, 2022, McGill Senate approved the recommendations presented in the Final Report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on COVID Academic Planning and Policies.

According to those recommendations:

  • All courses will be delivered in person, except for those specifically designed and approved to be delivered online.

  • The temporary, general provision that 20% of contact hours may be online, as instituted by Senate motion, was confined to the Winter 2022 term. Individual instructors may retain some limited flexibility to integrate occasional remote components to their course (e.g., bringing in guest lectures; teaching a class remotely while travelling, instead of cancelling and scheduling a makeup).

In addition to these key points, the report includes recommendations in relation to accommodations and accessibility (pp. 5–6) and to final examinations (pp. 6–7), prioritizing in-person academic activity.

In sum, the university – including the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – will return fully to in-person teaching and learning in the Fall 2022 term.

We encourage all AGSEM members to contact us in case you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to McGill's planning for the teaching activities in the fall semester.


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