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What TAs are fighting for


McGill TAs are fighting for a huge raise.

The average TA wage at York, U of T, UOttawa, Carleton, McMaster, Queen's, and Western is $46.36/hour. McGill compares itself to these universities all the time, but we currently make $33.03/hour.

It's time for a raise that brings us up to the standard.

McGill TAs are fighting for healthcare.

TAs at universities across the country have benefits. We are fighting for funds that we would administer to our members: one for domestic students, one for international students, and one for gender-affirming care. TAs regularly put off necessary medical care because they cannot afford it.

It's time for healthcare for TAs.

McGill TAs are fighting for a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).

Inflation has been as high as 8% in the last year alone. We are fighting for a COLA that would ensure our annual raises are not pay cuts.

McGill TAs are fighting for indexation of TA hours to student enrollment.

We know McGill cuts the hours of TA contracts at will and while the number of students in the class stays the same. Indexation would prevent hours from being cut and TAs from being overworked.





Winning the contract we deserve means we all have to fight. Attend open bargaining.

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