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Teaching Assistants & Invigilators

 If you currently work or have worked as a TA or Invigilator in the last 12 months and have signed an AGSEM Membership Form, then you are a rank and file member of AGSEM. This means that you can benefit from full membership rights and protections.

Collective Agreement, Membership Form & FAQ

Collective Agreement, Membership Form & FAQ

Helpful information and resources for your work

Ask us a question about your rights or file a Grievance

Let's Make A Change

AGSEM is only strong and effective when its members participate in its operations and events. Keep in mind that you are not merely a member of a labour union, you are the Union. Below are some ways you can stay informed and become active in AGSEM. Join the student labour movement today!

get involved
Attend a General Assembly
Join a Committee
Become a Delegate
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