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Invigilators are an integral part of final exams at McGill. All Invigilators are protected by a Collective Agreement, even if you only invigilate one exam. The Collective Agreement is a contract between AGSEM and McGill that outlines your terms of employment. These hard-fought rights include fair and transparent hiring practices, a standard wage that increases with inflation, paid and unpaid breaks, leaves of absence, and training.

When you receive your offer of employment, you should also receive an AGSEM membership form and, if you receive your offer by email, an electronic copy of the Invigilator Collective Agreement. If you did not receive either of these documents, or if you feel that your rights are not being respected, contact the Invigilator Grievance Officer.

Remember to sign your AGSEM membership form for full membership rights. You must sign your membership form every time you start a new contract as an Invigilator. You can submit your signed form to your Hiring Unit (employer), email the form to us, or drop it off at our office at 3641 rue University, suite 207, Montréal, Québec H3A 2B3 (Please note that our office is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible).

From 1 May 2015 to
30 April 2020

Fill out the online form for full AGSEM Membership Rights

The Invigilator Collective Agreement Demystified

FAQ, Consult a Grievance Officer, or File a Grievance

A Brief History

Invigilators at McGill were accredited as a union in March 2010, after a successful vote (94%) in favour of unionizing. We signed our first collective agreement on October 7, 2013. AGSEM Unit 2 is the Union of Invigilators at McGill University. 


In March 2013 Invigilators decided to join the Executive Committee structure, Budget and Delegate Council with those of AGSEM Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants). The highest decision-making body of our Unit is our Unit General Assembly where every invigilator has a vote and a voice. All decisions related to bargaining are made at the Invigilator General Assembly, which is why it is so important for all members to come out and join in the discussion.

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  • For "Employee Number" / "Numéro employé" please provide your McGill ID number

  • For "Personal email" / "Courriel personnel" please provide your non-McGill email address

Invigilator Membership Form

Invigilator Mebership Form

Other ways to Get Involved

AGSEM is only strong and effective when its members participate in its operations and events. Keep in mind that you are not merely a member of a labour union, you are the Union. Below are some ways you can stay informed and become active in AGSEM.

Attend a General Assembly
Join a Committee
Become a Delegate
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