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Meet the 2023-2024
AGSEM Executive Committee

Mario Roy_Picture.jpg
Mario Roy


I am a master student in Agricultural Economics in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences from Macdonald Campus of McGill University. Recently elected as your new AGSEM President, I started to get involved with AGSEM a year and a half ago when I became the AGSEM Macdonald Campus officer. During this term, I had the opportunity to help and represent Macdonald campus TAs and Invigilators. Today as President of your union, my role as President is now to fight for all of you, TAs and Invigilators from both campuses. My goal is to have a strong union functioning well to be able to defend all your rights and make sure that your employers respect your collective agreements. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas, questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to help you!

Kiersten Headshot1.jpg
Kiersten van Vliet

Mobilization Officer

Matei Petrescu


I am third year Ph.D. candidate in Physics Department of the Faculty of Science at McGill University. I have been an AGSEM delegate for my department for the past 4 yearswhile I have simultaneously fulfilled the VP Finance position for the McGill Graduate Association of Physics Students (MGAPS). I have gained valuable experience working in both positions. As a result, I have been elected as Secretary-Treasurer at the last General Assemble (GA - April 2018) for the 2018-2019 mandate. My main role is to manage the financial activities of the Union. In conclusion, I am holding the purse stings and I hold them tightly!

Hi! I am a PhD Candidate in Musicology and Gender & Women’s Studies and a long-time labour organizer with AGSEM. Previously, I have held the roles of Invigilator Chief Delegate (2017-18), Mobilization Officer (2018-19), President (2019-Nov 2020), and Invigilator Bargaining Committee negotiator (Nov 2020-present). As your Mobilization Officer for the 2022-23 academic year, I will work with the union’s committees as well as its rank-and-file members to increase participation in AGSEM. I am passionate about direct democracy and want to find ways to have a greater number of members of the union make decisions about our objectives, our priorities, and our future. I am primarily responsible for shepherding the Delegates’ Council, sending union emails and the monthly newsletter, designing and printing mobilization materials, and attending orientations and training sessions. I want to make this union work for you by organizing fun and educational events, supporting causes related to justice with material support and direct action, as well as pursuing every opportunity to advocate for your rights as a student employee at McGill. But enough about me—I want to hear from you and find out your ideas for AGSEM! I’m always open for a chat over coffee. Feel free to contact me anytime at

Jean-Philip Mathieu

TA Grievance Officer

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Classical Studies, specializing in labour and business history. My research uses a case study of Montreal Rolling Mills, a major secondary iron and steel manufacturer on the Lachine Canal, to understand the rise and consolidation of the Canadian bourgeoisie in the last third of the nineteenth century. I've been involved in the labour movement for the better part of a decade, both before and after starting my studies at McGill. I've been a departmental delegate since 2017, and I served in our bargaining committee between 2018 and 2021, where I contributed to the negotiation of our most recent Collective Agreement. As Grievance Officer, my responsibility is to ensure that the Collective Agreement is enforced, and that the rights of all Teaching Assistants are respected.

Teresa Joseph

Invigilator Grievance Officer

I am a PhD. student in neuroscience. Have been involved with AGSEM for a year now as a invigilator bargaining officer. Working in the union has broadened my perspective about working on campus and I am more than happy to help you with any invigilator grievances. You can either contact me via email or just come drop by during our office hours.

Aire McCall

Macdonald Campus Officer

I'm a second year Master's student in Animal Science at the Mac campus. I joined the AGSEM EC team because I'm passionate about having our unique experience at this campus heard, so our needs are met too. While I had not been involved in the union for long, I know how much it can benefit the people of Mac, so when I learned that we needed an Officer for the campus, I was happy to fill the position. I am now proud to fulfill my role to bring AGSEM to Mac in full force. This includes mobilization and recruitment, education, organizing and hosting meetings and assemblies, and any other non-grievance union business at Mac campus. My primary goal is to get a full complement of delegates for every department that will help us to represent diverse voices from across campus. Please remember that AGSEM fights for your rights, and we're always looking for new ideas!

Marta Beszterda

External Communications Officer

I am a PhD candidate in Musicology and Gender & Women's Studies at McGill University. Before joining the Executive Council in 2021, I was involved as an AGSEM Delegate for the Music Department, and as a member of the AGSEM Mutual Aid Fund Committee.

My role as an External Communications Officer is to support AGSEM President in creating and maintaining strong relationships between AGSEM and other student labor organizations and student associations at McGill and beyond. I am also responsible for supporting AGSEM Mobilization Officer in general communication with our members, educating members about their rights, taking care of the union's visibility on campus, and maintaining AGSEM's presence online through the website and social media.

Office Hours:

President:  By appointment

Mobilization Officer:  By appointment

Secretary-Treasurer:  By appointment

TA Grievance:  By appointment

Invigilator Grievance:  By appointment

Macdonald Campus Officer:  By appointment

Invigilator Bargaining Chair:  By appointment

Unionization Drive Chair:  By appointment



All office hours will be held online until further notice.

All AGSEM members have the right to attend Executive Committee meetings. For information about the next meeting, email the President at

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