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AGSEM's Structure

AGSEM's highest decision-making body is the General Assembly, where every member has an equal vote and right to speak. TA General Assemblies (Unit 1) and Invigilator General Assemblies (Unit 2) make decisions related to their respective unit (ie. ratifying a new Collective Agreement). The combined General Assembly elects Executives, amends the Constitution, and approves the budget.

In between General Assemblies, the Delegates' Council meets once a month to give mandates to the Executive Committee. Bargaining Committees are formed one year in advance of the expiration of a unit's respective Collective Agreement.

AGSEM is an autonomous union affiliated with the CSN, FNEEQ and CCMM. All decision-making takes place at the local level.

The direction of the solid arrows indicates the ability to give mandates (excluding Bargaining-related). The dashed arrows indicate the ability to mandate bargaining-related decisions.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of seven permanent positions and up to two additional positions during Bargaining periods. Each year during the spring, the General Assembly elects a President, Secretary-Treasurer, Mobilization Officer, Communications Officer, Macdonald Campus Officer and two Grievance Officers, as well as Bargaining Chairs for Teaching Assistants or Invigilators, when necessary.

executive committee

Bargaining Committee

Each Bargaining Unit (that is, Teaching Assistants or Invigilators) has a Collective Agreement (CA) that is a binding contract negotiated by representatives of the union and representatives of McGill’s Board of Governors. 

The Unit 1 or Teaching Assistant Collective Agreement will expire on July 31, 2023. 


The Unit 2 or Invigilator Collective Agreement will expire on December 1, 2025.

bargaining committee

Delegates' Council

The Delegates' Council is made up of the Executive Committee, the Delegates, and three Chief Delegates. The Council meets once a month to give mandates to the Executive Committee.

Delegates ensure that the Unit 1 and Unit 2 Collective Agreements are respected in their Hiring Unit. There is at least one delegate per Hiring Unit, as defined in the Collective Agreements.

delegates' council


AGSEM has a number of permanent Committees, including the Audit, Equity & Diversity, External Affairs, Mobilization, and Mutual Aid Fund Committees. The General Assembly and Delegates' Council may also establish Union Committees.

Committees are typically filled at a Spring General Assembly, but AGSEM members may be elected to Committees with open membership, such as the Mobilization Committee and External Affairs Committee, at any time.

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