Workday FAQ

(Last updated Dec 22)

**If you are not unionized through AGSEM, per provincial and federal law, you do not have access to AGSEM representation or AGSEM's grievance procedures with McGill. However, you still have rights! This includes that you must be paid within 30 days of starting your contract. You can file a complaint through the CNESST (if your rights have been violated) here.**

Workday has posed ongoing issues to McGill employees and students, causing problems with hiring, paychecks, and more. Below, you will find information about your rights, 

What are my rights?

Payment later than 30 days: Article 17.03 of the AGSEM collective agreement and the Labour Standards Act require first payment within 30 days of starting work.

Payment by cheque: Article 17.03 requires all employees to be paid by direct deposit. Cheques sent to the wrong address, lost in the mail, or kept at 688 Sherbrooke do not constitute payment of wages.

Access to equipment and materials: Article 15.01 requires that TAs are provided with all necessary equipment and materials needed to fulfill duties. This applies to staff email, myCourses, and/or Zoom Pro that may not have been available because a TA appointment was not processed.

Hours of work: Article 11.05 requires that TAs are compensated at the TA rate for all additional hours of work. The hours that a TA spends on training materials required for an essential component of their employment are the employer’s hours. Time spent assisting the employer in resolving his own administrative problems are the employer’s hours. This constitutes unpaid labour. If you are spending a lot of time on Workday issues, put these on your Workload form, and count them against your 

What should I do if I have problem with Workday?

If you are an AGSEM member having issues with Workday, please fill out our survey. Please note that this helps us liaise with HR to solve issues, so some of your information may be shared.

Still haven’t been paid? Missing a cheque? ​

You’ve been paid, but! It was late, and you want compensation?

  • Contact the union to verify the dates you were paid and the payment you have received.

  • McGill is not capable of compiling accurate employment data, so we’ll give them a bill.

You are having issues with your employee email, myCourses, Workday, or Zoom Pro?

  • Open a ticket with HR and/or IT.

  • If your ability to do your job effectively or to apply for a TA position is impacted, contact the union to discuss recourse.

  • If you have purchased a Zoom Pro account, contact the union so we can demand compensation. Provide a receipt.

  • If you have trouble applying for a TA position through Workday, submit a .pdf application to your department via email. ALL applicants have the right to apply via email. Copy in case the department does not want to accept your application.

What is Workday?

Workday is an HR information system that replaced Banner, which cost millions of dollars. This shift is part of the R2R (“recruitment to retirement") program. Workday is a cloud-based system, been in planning for several years​. McGill did not consult with AGSEM or other unions on the shift to Workday.


The “go-live” August, 2020...the busiest time of year, during a pandemic.


Workday, as a system has additional steps that it takes to hire people—this means additional time that local support staff have to spend on hiring and applications.

Media coverage of Workday at McGill

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