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Delegates' Council

The Delegates' Council is a deliberative body made up of the Executive Committee, the Delegates, and three Chief Delegates.


There is at least one delegate per hiring unit of Teaching Assistants and Invigilators. For hiring units with more than 30 Teaching Assistants and/or Invigilators, there may be two Delegates. For hiring units with more than 100 Teaching Assistants and/or Invigilators, there may be up to three Delegates.

Delegates are elected by members of Unit 1 (TAs) and/or Unit 2 (Invigilators) who are employed in a given hiring unit, typically during their respective annual PGSA election. If such a process does not exist for that hiring unit, interested candidates may be elected during a Delegates' Council meeting. If this is the case for you, let us know if you would like to be a delegate for your department!

You can directly contact the Delegate affiliated with your department if you ever encounter a problem or have a question. If your department does not have a delegate, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Delegates' Council 2023-24

Departmental administrators: If there is no delegate listed for your department, please email and with your tentative appointments list.
Unit 1 (TA) Delegates​​
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology - Carol Wissa

  • Animal Science - Neeraj Neeraj

  • Anthropology - Cynthia Lazzaroni

  • Architecture (School of) - Dylan Wang

  • Art History - Erika Kindsfather

  • Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences - Ryan Schmedding

  • Biochemistry - Romina Filippelli

  • Bioengineering - Omar Peza Chavez

  • Biology - Claire Ramsay, Nada El Baba & Sebastian Wittekindt

  • Bioresource Engineering - Sobhan Tazarv

  • Chemical Engineering - Lizbeth Moreno Bravo

  • Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics - Vibhor Saoji

  • Computer Science - Loic Nassif & Mélissa Katz

  • Earth and Planetary Sciences - Alia Sanger

  • East Asian Studies - Jiarong (Emma) Wang

  • Educational & Counselling Psychology - Shayla Chilliak

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering - Juliette Regimbal

  • English - Iris Pintiuta

  • Environment (School of) - Georgi de Rham

  • Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health - Sarah Twardowski

  • Experimental Medicine - Rowa Bakadlag

  • Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry - Satwik Majumder

  • French Language & Literature - Élisabeth Chevalier

  • Geography - Priyanka Verma & Jugal Patel

  • History/Classics - Zoe Neubauer & Donald Morard III

  • Human Genetics - Miranda Medeiros

  • Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID) - Samuel Oyugi

  • Integrated Studies in Education (DISE) - Emma McKay

  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) (Medicine) - Marsha (Xueping) Ma

  • Islamic Studies - Salma Shaaban

  • Kinesiology & Physical Education - Henri LajeunesseJinan Saboune

  • Languages, Literatures & Cultures (LLC) - Benjamin Sauvé

  • Management (Desautels School of) - Dongliang Sheng

  • Mathematics & Statistics - TBD

  • Mechanical Engineering - Gabriel DubéYixun Cheng

  • Microbiology & Immunology - Connie Shen & David Firer

  • Mining & Materials Engineering - Jaskaranpal Dhillon

  • Natural Resource Science - Elliston Vallarino Reyes

  • Parasitology - Sohini Kumar

  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics - Lucas Marques

  • Philosophy - Molly Dea-StephensonRiley Lewicki

  • Physics - Nicholas VieiraNayyer Raza & Magnus L’Argent

  • Physiology - Jose Miguel Romero Sepúlveda

  • Plant Science - Mohammed Antar

  • Political Science - Katerina McMullen

  • Psychology - Aiden Mehak & Laila Chaudhry

  • Religious Studies - Lauren Mayes

  • School of Continuing Studies (SCS) - Abdelrahman Ayad

  • Sociology - Maya Krishnan

Unit 2 (Invigilator) Delegates
  • Continuing Studies - Andrea Hazelwood

  • Continuing Studies - Jerin Varuahese 

  • Enrolment Services - Cindy Lucero Garcia

  • Enrolment Services - Royan Jafari, Sneha SenthilMylene Kassandra Hangdaan

  • Medicine - Vivian Belfo & Germano Belfo

  • Student Accessibility & Achievement (former OSD) - Amir Reza Rouhani Esfahani

List updated 9 September 2023

Chief Delegates 2023-2024

Molly Dea-Stephenson (Delegates’ Council Chair)

Sneha Senthil - (Invigilator Chief Delegate)

Emma McKay - (Mobilization Chief Delegate)

chief delegates

Become a Delegate

If your department does not have a Delegate and you are interested in the role, contact the Mobilization Officer using the form below. Additionally, if your department does not have a delegate, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

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