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Mutual Aid Fund

The AGSEM General Assembly established a Mutual Aid Fund on 24 October 2018 and earmarked an initial $5000 for solidarity initiatives for members of AGSEM as well as members of the wider McGill or academic community.

​The fund is intended for solidarity initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • Strike support

  • Legal support including legal or paralegal fees, court fees, and other costs associated with facing charges as a defendant or bringing a civil or criminal suit against an individual or institution.

  • General financial hardship resulting from precarity, inequality, and/or institutional austerity, including difficulties resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Community childcare or other family care

  • Healthcare

  • Counseling and other mental health care related to trauma, abuse, and/or sexual violence

The Mutual Aid Fund is intended to support both individuals and organizations/collective initiatives.

​A Mutual Aid Fund Committee was established to manage the Fund autonomously and report to the AGSEM Delegates’ Council for final approval of requests. The resources for the Fund are constituted by contributions from the AGSEM general operating budget from union membership dues upon approval at a General Assembly. The initial contribution to the fund for the 2019 year was $5000 and an additional contribution of $6000 was allocated to the fund for the 2020 year. Additional funds may be allocated in the future. Funds may be allocated by vote at a General Assembly.

The Committee accepts applications to the Fund on a rolling basis. However, because final approval for an application must be made by the Delegate’s Council or the General Assembly, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications ten days prior to an upcoming Delegate’s Council or General Assembly meeting (check the dates here). This is to ensure that the MAFC has enough time to properly evaluate the applications. For applications that are received after this soft deadline, the MAFC reserves the right to postpone reviewing applications until the MAFC’s next meeting. The MAFC will overlook this soft deadline when the allocation of funding is time sensitive, such as for strike support, legal support, or health emergencies.

In order to apply, please send a filled Application Form available below at All requests are treated with the strictest confidence.

​Follow the links below for the Application Form, the Mutual Aid Fund Committee members, and News about the Mutual Aid Fund. You may also email the committee at

Learn more about the committee members

Fill out, sign, and email to apply for the MAF

Contact the MAF committee

Learn about the initiatives we have funded

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