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McGill Employee Email, Workday, and Zoom Pro Access

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

UPDATE (September 28): Please fill out our more comprehensive survey if you are experiencing any issues related to receiving pay, updating payroll information on Workday, signing into Workday using or emails, accessing Zoom Pro with either account, or any other technical glitches that are impacting you ability to do your job and getting paid for your work. Please fill this form out even if you have reached out to us by email or filled out our previous survey.


We have received notice from a number of TAs that they are having difficulty with activating or signing into their McGill employee email account (

Due to an apparent technical error by McGill, many new and returning TAs were not given an employee email at the point of hire. This is presenting TAs issues with accessing Workday—the new Human Resources system—as well as the TA Zoom Pro account through the employee email—which can be integrated with MyCourses and used to record lectures.

To check whether you have your employee email, go to Minerva > Personal Menu > Password for McGill Username. If there is no email listed, you do not have your McGill employee email account activated. The email is your student email. You should have access to both accounts as both an employee and student of McGill. 

Additionally, we have been informed by McGill IT that when you first sign in to your employee account, the password for the employee email should be the same as the password for your student email account. However, this does not appear to be the case for several people who cannot access their newly activated employee account.

If you do not have an activated employee email or if you are having issues signing into your employee email and accessing Workday and/or Zoom, please fill out the following form:

Please fill this form out even if you have reached out to us about any of the issues related to your employee email. Due to the volume of emails we are receiving from our members, we want to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Even if access to your employee email is not presenting you with any issues in your current TA position, do still let us know if it is not activated by filling out the form. This is so McGill HR can help prevent any issues for you in the future.

Please note we will be sharing the emails we collect with McGill Human Resources. By filling out the form you agree to us sharing your email and any generalized employee email access issues with Human Resources. AGSEM has informed HR of the issues TAs are facing and we are working together to find a solution.

That said, we will never share any confidential or identifying information with McGill without your permission, and we will anonymize any additional complaints we received from you. We will follow up with you individually, as needed, to address any outstanding concerns.


At the end of July, McGill transitioned all employment data off of Banner (Minerva) to Workday. We have received a number of questions about Workday itself, and we are working to find answers from McGill HR. At this point, we can tell you the following:

All TAs must make sure their personal information is updated in Workday. As a TA, you must be paid within 30 days of the start of work, so make sure your information is updated ASAP. If you are not paid within 30 days of starting your position, please reach out to us at

As a TA, you are not required to submit time sheets to Workday. TAs will only submit time sheets to Workday for work performed above their contracted hours. Otherwise, you have a fixed contract and are paid on a biweekly average. This has been confirmed to us by McGill HR.

In the future, all TA postings will be done on Workday instead of CAPS/MyFuture. The Collective Agreement still applies in its entirety, however. This means that TA postings must follow the rules in Articles 12–13 of our Collective Agreement. 

You must be paid for all hours worked as a TA. If you have unanticipated work due to the technical glitches of McGill’s systems, keep track of this time. These hours should be added to your Workload Form at the midterm review. We have also prepared this document for your reference, which summarizes your rights related to workload and provides a number of tools to help you track your hours.

Any additional issues or questions about Workday, Zoom, or your employee email can be sent to


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