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Fall 2022 GA Summary

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

On November 30, 2022, AGSEM had a General Assembly of TA and Invigilator members. The primary purpose of this meeting was a midterm financial review, but we discussed several issues, including the university's COVID-19 response, solidarity with striking student interns, and disbursed funds from the union's Mutual Aid Fund.

Find the summary of the meeting written by Emma McKay, Mobilization Chief Delegate, below:

  • All 3 mask motions approved!

    • Advocating for campus-wide mask mandate (66 Y / 5 N)

      • Executive Committee (EC) will advocate for campus-wide mask mandates, ventilation improvement and info-sharing, and for the university to provide N95s

    • Mask mandate at AGSEM events (55 Y / 5 N)

      • Surgical or better masks are now required at all AGSEM events and meetings. Masks may be removed briefly to take a bit or sip. Masks are not required at outdoor events, but are still encouraged at loud and dense events like protests.

      • The EC will create and distribute education to workers on the scientifically-supported most effective ways to use masks.

      • Our mask policy will be publicly shared and noted in all event info.

    • Free N95s for invigilators (67 Y / 0 N)

      • Union funds will be used to purchase N95 masks through PGSS, to be distributed to invigilators working this exam period without charge.

  • Solidarity with striking UQAM students (42 Y / 0 N)

    • Many UQAM students threatened a strike a few days ago, both to protest conditions of internships and the threat of punishment from admin.

    • General Assembly (GA) expressed support for students' actions!

    • Talked about enacting solidarity by showing up for any potential demos

    • Enacting solidarity by mobilizing people requires work from the mobilization committee (and of course any interested workers who take action); folks interested in working to make this type of solidarity more widely available can join mob com by emailing Emma ( or Kiersten (

  • Education about available support from grievance officer

    • A worker talked about how for minor issues, TAs in their department need support, but don’t necessarily want to raise a grievance. There is a need for informal support like attending meetings with TAs, writing emails together, and talking through problems.

    • JP, the TA grievance officer, talked about how it is his job and delegates’ jobs to do exactly this!

    • We identified that there’s a mismatch in knowledge—workers don’t know that they can reach out to their delegate or grievance officer for informal help! A grievance is only filed if that’s what they want to do. Otherwise, they chat and figure out alternate ways to go forward.

    • The Mobilization Committee is going to create educational resources about how delegates and grievance officers can help workers in these ways!

  • Workday and taxes

    • FYI: Workday tax options are confusing, especially for international students.

    • EC has requested a plain language explanation from HR.

    • Be careful and ask peers, delegates, grievance officers for assistance.

  • Finances

    • Many EC members have been working overtime. Previously, overtime pay has only been handed out when people leave their positions. Since these folks have had their positions for a while, the GA voted to distribute overtime pay at the end of each term going forward.

  • Reports

    • Summaries of each executive officer, committee, and working groups’ work over the past year are linked in the agenda/minutes.

  • FNEEQ Congress

    • Vivian, Germano, Kiersten, Mario, & JP are going to the FNEEQ congress Dec 7-9 on behalf of AGSEM. They’ll be compensated & will vote their conscience. (47 Y / 3 N)

  • Mutual Aid

    • $1350 distributed to two students (42 Y / 0 N; 45 Y / 0 N)

    • Planning to distribute $600 to community organizations at Dec 6 DC

    • $1364 remaining in the fund to distribute Jan-Feb 2023

  • Attendance

    • 97 in total attended! 71 highest number of people participating in any one vote.

    • That’s the highest we’ve had at a non-ratification GA in years!!!

    • The GA was 3 hours! That's also the shortest GA we've had in a long time!

  • Feedback

    • The folks designing and running these meetings are working on making them more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable. If you attended in-person or online and felt particularly frustrated, confused, or had difficulty following the conversation, please let Emma ( and Kiersten ( know when in the meeting you felt that way! Likewise if there was a time you felt like something made sense that hadn’t before, when you felt really connected to the rest of the folks in the zoom/room, or really felt you were heard by your fellow workers.


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