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Mutual Aid Fund News

The Mutual Aid Fund Committee strives to provide support to collective causes that serve whole communities, such as strike support, family support fund for union members, and recent support for COVID-19 relief initiatives. At the same time, we also offer aid to individuals who find themselves in financial hardship resulting from precarity, inequality, and/or institutional austerity, or struggle to cover the costs of healthcare and/or family care.

Selected collective initiatives and causes that have received support from AGSEM’s Mutual Aid Fund so far:




April 2020



March 2020


September 2019


  • AGSEM Family Support Fund (supporting members at DC and GA meetings by reimbursing for costs associated with childcare, home care, babysitters, or other similar services) 



Personal details about most of the Mutual Aid Fund’s individual beneficiaries remain confidential.


  • Partial covering psychotherapy costs 

  • Partial covering a child’s hospitalization costs

  • Covering legal fees associated with the incident of racial profiling by the Police

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