Winter 2022 Invigilation FAQ

AGSEM is advocating for a safe and sanitary working environment for invigilators during the Winter 2022 final exam period. We asked the employer a number of questions to learn about the health and safety standards the University put in place. Below, you can find information AGSEM received from McGill. If you have any further concerns, please contact us. 


If you are employed as an invigilator and your working conditions are unsafe, unsanitary, or do not comply with COVID-19 regulations, please take a photo of the situation (if possible) and contact the Grievance Officer at to file a written grievance.

Last updated April 11, 2022

Room capacity and ventilation

1. What will be the ratio of invigilators to students in an examination room?


There is no specific ratio of invigilators to students provided by the University at this moment. It will depend on room capacity, number of rows in the room, and number of circulators present.

2. Will there be enough ventilation in examination rooms?


The University has approved the capacity for every room to be used for an exam and confirmed the requisite number of exam seats. For larger capacity exam spaces, the University undertook the task to make sure that every room being used for an exam has the proper ventilation and CO2 levels. The university has conducted tests of every room that will be used, approved by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and the University Health and Safety Committee.


McGill has implemented measures regarding the operation of its HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems to align with guidance from public health agencies and industry.

Ventilation in classrooms and rental buildings that have classes this fall has either been reviewed or (for some classrooms that have not been in use recently) will be reviewed to ensure that safety standards in the COVID context are met.

Find out more about ventilation and classrooms

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions – McGill University

Vaccination and COVID-19 symptoms

3. Will invigilators be asked to be vaccinated?


4. Will any of the exams be held at buildings that fall under the obligatory vaccination mandate (e.g. Medicine buildings, libraries)


At McGill, a vaccine passport had been required, among other things, to participate in sports and non-curricular activities and access library spaces. As of March 28, 2022, vaccine passports are no longer required for any activities at McGill.

For further information, please refer to:


5. What is the procedure for an invigilator who shows symptoms, was in contact with someone positive, or tests positive for COVID-19?


Please refer to: Health guidelines for employees | Coronavirus information - McGill University


6. Will invigilators be required to provide medical information in case of a last minute cancellation of their shift? If so, what type of documentation will be required?


The employer may require justification for such an absence. In addition, as per article 17.06 of the Invigilator Collective Agreement, the employee must directly advise their immediate supervisor of their absence, prior to the start of the employee’s shift. The sick leave is without pay.

7. Will either a vaccination status or RT PCR test results be mandated for students?


No. These are not required for any curricular activities.

Masks and social distancing

8. Will students be required to wear masks?


Yes. Currently, all individuals on McGill campuses are required to wear a procedural mask when entering or circulating in indoor shared spaces.
Please consult


9. Will invigilators be required to wear masks?


Yes. Currently, all individuals on McGill campuses are required to wear a procedural mask when entering or circulating in indoor shared spaces.

Please consult


10. Will surgical masks be provided for invigilators and/or students?




11. Will an invigilator not wearing a mask (or not wearing a mask properly) be disciplined? If so, how?


All personnel and students must comply with safety protocols.


12. Will invigilators still be asked to accompany students inside the washroom?




13. How often will the washrooms be cleaned during an examination shift of 4 hours or more?


In the gym cleaners are being hired. Rooms are cleaned before the exam, after the exam, and as needed should an incident occur. In other buildings, as per building protocol or on an emergency basis.


14. How will the minimum physical distance between individuals be respected in larger complexes like Fieldhouse, Gym, and Leacock?


0.76 metre in the Fieldhouse; minimum of one metre between desks in the main gym.


15. Will there be any additional training for invigilators to help them manage situations with students who either don't want to wear a mask, may show COVID-19 symptoms, or don’t want to follow other mandatory regulations?


This topic will be covered in the training on guidelines and how to handle these situations. Invigilators will be asked to remind students about the rules, and if not abiding, will need to escalate to a deputee and then a chief invigilator.

Students will be reminded of the protocols if showing symptoms, and safety measures to follow during the exam.

Hiring numbers and locations

16. How many invigilators are going to be hired for the final exam period?


Depends on operational needs. The fall exam schedule is available here:

The schedule will be finalized two weeks before the beginning of the exam period.


17. How many hiring units are running exams this semester?


As per usual.


18. What are the locations for the exams?


Room numbers will be posted on the website two weeks prior to the start of the final exam period.