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You are invited to join the MCC Town Hall on Global Pandemic Lessons

You are probably already talking about lessons learned from the pandemic times with other graduate students, TAs, and Invigilators. Here’s a chance to hear from other unions and associations. What were the effects of–and response to–COVID-19? What lessons should we take with us as we move forward?

You are invited to join the MCC* Town Hall on Global Pandemic Lessons on April 26, 2022, from 12:00pm - 2:00pm.

MCC is comprised of student groups, and campus unions and associations.

Watch the official invitation from the MCC representatives:

This event will be held as a hybrid session.

In person: Senate Room, Leacock 232. (Space is limited so if you wish to attend in person let us know.)

Please RSVP here and indicate whether you will attend in person or online! That will help us manage the number of people attending in person. Spaces are limited even as we want to see you in person.

Submit your Questions In advance!

We would appreciate it if you could respond to the following questions in as little or as much detail as you prefer. This will help us manage the comments during the meeting so we can respond to as many as possible (we also will have a Q&A during the meeting)

1) What worked well for you in your work during the pandemic?

2) What difficulties did you face in carrying out your work during the pandemic?

3) Overall, what changes would you want to see implemented in any pandemic protocol/policies at McGill in the future?

To answer the questions, please go to the RSVP form.

What is the MCC? MCC is the only place where the whole campus community can come together in the absence (except by specific invitation) of the McGill administration. MCC is an intergenerational and interdisciplinary council. It comprises representatives of the various constituent groups that make up McGill: professors, lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students, administrative staff and managers, trades people, researchers, casual employees, and student employees. Our goals are to foster open communication across all sectors and to collectively consider issues that affect everyone in the university community. We don’t always agree, but we can use this venue to find common purpose on issues that affect some, or all, of our organizations.


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