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McGill Refuses to unlock McGill Emails

Since the start of the TA strike, AGSEM has tried to negotiate access to employee emails with McGill Human Resources. Members need this access for important emails regarding publications, jobs, travel, and immigration, and also store their research on the One Drive. These are not simply employee emails, and the employer's heavy-handed reaction to freeze employee email accounts once again shows their lack of understanding of our roles here at the university as student employees.

McGill initially was open to forwarding our requests to McGill IT to unlock employee email access on a case-by-case basis.

As of Wednesday, April 3 we have this definitive response from the Director of Human Resources, flip-flopping on their previous position:

This is email is to clarify the situation regarding McGill email access for TAs. 
Systems accesses, including email, will only be restored once the strike is over. No exception will be made, it is unnecessary to contact the IT team regarding this matter.
However, TAs still have access to Workday to view their pay stubs and tax statements. Those who experience issues with the 2 factor authentication when trying to access Workday can contact IT for support.

Complaints about McGill's draconian and shameful policy around employee emails can be sent to:

Mr. Francis Desjardins, Director of Human Resources

680 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite 1565, Montréal, QC H3A 2M7


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