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Get to Know Your Delegate: Sazan Rahman

Updated: May 27, 2022

"Get to Know Your Delegate" is a new series of blog posts introducing AGSEM Delegates in a Q&A format. Are you an AGSEM Delegate interested in being featured in the series? Email your External Communications Officer at

Md Sazan Rahman (he/him) is the AGSEM Chief Invigilator Delegate and a PhD candidate in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University. He started his program in the Fall of 2019 under the supervision of professor Mark Lefsrud.

How long have you worked as an invigilator at McGill?

I first invigilated in the Fall 2021 (2020 was fully online).

What is your favorite part of the invigilator job?

The whole time is enjoyable despite some little challenges in starting and ending of the exam. My most favorite part is to solve issues or help students with positive vibes during exams for boosting their confidence.

What is the biggest challenge in your invigilator job?

Nothing challenging usually, but some challenges can arise in the rushed moments. Collecting papers at the end of the exam can be a little hard when need to be done so quickly. Other challenges arise in allowing special materials and solving issues related to exam papers when the respective professor is not present at the exam hall.

How long have you been an AGSEM delegate? What have been your tasks as a delegate so far?

I started as a delegate in October 2021. So far, I have taken part in the mobilization activities and the activities of the Invigilator Bargaining Committee which is negotiating a new Collective Agreement to protect Invigilators' rights and wages.

What are your main tasks as the Chief Invigilator Delegate?

As the Chief invigilator Delegate I am a liaison between all invigilator delegates and AGSEM. My main tasks include (but are not limited to):

- Ensuring training and information for all invigilator delegates and invigilators;

- Leading any mobilization activities related to invigilation;

- Conveying the opinions and concerns of the delegates and invigilators to AGSEM;

- Leading and helping to prepare tabling, updating AGSEM bulletin boards, and other tasks to make the invigilators' experience better during the exam period;

- Attend the Delegates' Council meetings.

What should be improved about the current invigilator Collective Agreement between AGSEM and McGill?

The way of payment and amount of payment has to be improved. Sometimes, it takes quite a long time as invigilators are required to enter their hours on Workday themselves. The hourly wage for invigilators should be matched with the Teaching Assistant hourly wage.

Why do you think unionizing and having a strong labor union is important for invigilators and other groups of employees at McGill?

Obviously, Invigilators have to be unionized. Otherwise, it would be difficult to address their challenges, comments, and concerns. I believe that only an organized body (such as a union) can address all of invigilators' concerns and opinions to the proper authority, and make sure there is a nice work environment for all employees.

Would you like to add anything?

I hope the union will continue to mobilize its members from all sectors as to make sure everyone knows their own rights, and can contact the right person if any issues arise.

Thank you for participating in the Q&A, Sazan!


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