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Get to Know Your Delegate: Cara Tanzini

Updated: May 27, 2022

"Get to Know Your Delegate" is a new series of blog posts introducing AGSEM Delegates in a Q&A format. Are you an AGSEM Delegate interested in being featured in the series? Email your External Communications Officer at

Cara Tanzini (she/her) is an invigilator at the Continuing Studies department at McGill.

How long have you worked as an invigilator at McGill?

Three years.

What is your favorite part of the invigilator job?

It’s fun to have a break from my usual routine, reconnect with the other invigilators, and meet new people!

How long have you been an AGSEM delegate? What have been your tasks as a delegate so far?

I started in January 2022. So far, I’ve only attended meetings but I look forward to getting more involved in the future.

What should be improved about the current invigilator Collective Agreement between AGSEM and McGill?

At Continuing Studies, we are treated quite well; so I haven’t had the experiences some other invigilators have had. As I get to know more AGSEM members, I’ll get to know more about what’s going on and how we can improve things.

Why do you think unionizing and having a strong labor union is important for invigilators and other groups of employees at McGill?

It’s important that the invigilators know their rights, have a safe space to discuss any issues that may come up, and are able to work towards better pay and conditions.

Thank you for participating in the Q&A, Cara!


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