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Call for Nominations: Executive, Bargaining, and Unionization Committees

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

*La version française suit.*

Our Annual General Assembly is on Wednesday, March 13th at 6:00pm in ARTS W-215.

Please find the working agenda below and by following this link:

- TA Bargaining Committee update

- Annual reports from Executive Committee

- Annual Committee Reports

- Executive Committee elections

- Other Committee elections

- Invigilator Pre-Bargaining Committee elections

The AGSEM General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of our Union and you are a member if you have worked as a TA or Invigilator within the last 12 months.

AGSEM members in good standing can run for any role: President, Secretary-Treasurer, Grievance Officer (2), Mobilization Officer, Macdonald Campus Officer, Invigilator Pre-Bargaining Committee (3), and Unionization Drive Committee (3). Positions will be held from May 1, 2019–April 30, 2020.

Nomination forms must be signed by the nominee and 5 AGSEM members in good standing. Filled out nomination forms, including self-nominations, for any of the EC or BC positions can be sent to A person may be nominated for only one position during the nomination period. Members can also run in absentia provided they submit a Nomination Form prior to the GA.

The nomination period for all positions will last until Thursday, March 7 at noon, five (5) working days before the General Assembly where the elections will be held. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the General Assembly, but only for positions that have one or no nominees.

The official descriptions of the positions available are as follows:

4.08 – The President ($29.33/ hour up to 180 hours per semester)

- shall be the public face of the Union as the spokesperson and official media contact;

- shall facilitate the smooth functioning of the Executive Committee;

- shall convene Union Assembly and Executive Committee meetings

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for maintaining the Union’s relationships with external bodies, including but not limited to the Affiliates, labour unions and other organizations, on and off campus, as well as with the Employer in all manners not pertaining directly to bargaining or grievances;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for ensuring that the Constitution is respected;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the Policy Manual;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for monitoring the union’s incoming email;

- shall sit on the External Affairs Committee;

- shall be a signing officer of the funds of the Union.

4.09 – Secretary-Treasurer ($29.33/ hour up to 180 hours per semester)

- shall oversee the administration of the Union’s finances;

- shall present, at minimum, the following reports:

- to the Executive Committee, every month, or upon request, including the bank reconciliation and financial statements;

- to the Audit Committee;

- to the Annual General Assembly, including the annual financial statements and proposed annual budget.

- shall be empowered, at all times, to disclose the Union’s ledgers and all relevant supporting documents to the duly authorized representative of the Executive Committee of the CSN and to the Union’s Auditing Committee;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for preparing the annual budget;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for ensuring maintenance of the office space, physical and electronic files, and online accounts;

- shall be a signing officer of the funds of the Union.

4.10 – Mobilization Officer ($29.33/ hour up to 180 hours per semester)

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for the organization of Union events, campaigns, outreach, and publicity;

- shall be the primary Executive Committee contact and resource person, for the Delegate Council and for Union members, in all matters not pertaining directly to grievances;

- shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Union’s website and other social media;

- shall be responsible for communications with members, including ensuring the maintenance of email lists;

- shall sit on the mobilization committee;

- shall be a signing officer of the funds of the Union.

4.11 – Grievance Officer (2 positions) ($29.33/ hour up to 180 hours per semester)

- shall be the officer responsible for ensuring the respect of members’ rights and the enforcement of their Unit’s respective Collective Agreement, by, including but not limited to:

- actively informing members of their rights under the Collective Agreements and the relevant employment law;

- assisting members of the Union with complaints or grievances, including internal complaints not leading to the filing of a grievance;

- shall normally perform the role of the “Union” where mentioned in the Unit 1 and 2 Collective Agreements;

- shall be responsible for the reception and maintenance of Union membership records and documents received by the Employer or its Hiring Units, including but not limited to membership forms, appointment lists, and dues lists;

- shall have a seat on the Bargaining Committees of their respective Unit;

- shall act as the chairperson at Labour Relations Committee meetings for the Unit which they represent and shall normally be accompanied by the President.

NEW this year – Macdonald Campus Officer ($29.33/ hour up to 90 hours per semester)

- shall be a member of the AGSEM Executive Committee;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for organizing and/or streaming Delegates’ Council meetings and General Assemblies at Macdonald campus;

- shall be the officer primarily responsible for the organization of Union events, campaigns, outreach, and publicity at Macdonald campus.

5.07 – Invigilator Bargaining Officer (3 positions, including one Chair) ($29.33/ hour up to 90 hours per semester)

- shall conduct negotiations with McGill on behalf of the Unit;

- shall perform all necessary research and presentation of data in support of negotiations;

- shall provide regular updates on negotiations to the Executive Committee, the Delegates’ Council, and the General Assembly and the Unit Assembly.

NEW this year – Unionization Drive Committee ($29.33/ hour up to 90 hours per semester)

- shall follow and/or improve upon the recommendations provided by the ad-hoc Unionization Committee;

- shall determine the classes and numbers of non-unionized academic support workers at McGill who may be eligible to be unionized;

- shall expand the established unionization strategy that includes the campus-wide mobilization of stakeholders;

- shall commence a unionization drive of casual academic support staff who are not currently unionized;

- shall, at the end of their tenure, present a written report of their work to the General Assembly, as well as any recommendations;

- shall present the final report to CRT to get accreditation;

NB: in the event that a grader union is created before the end of the U-Drive Committee’s term, the EC will immediately call a GA to elect a grader bargaining committee.

Please note that as per articles 4 and 5 of the AGSEM Constitution, the President and at least one member of the Invigilator Bargaining Committee must be fluently bilingual in English and French, and at least one member of both the EC and the Invigilator BC must be a woman.

You are also invited to submit any topic of discussion or motion to adopt that you wish, simply by emailing the chair at, up to 24 hours before the start of the meeting.

Hope to see you there.

—The AGSEM Executive Committee


Notre Assemblée générale aura lieu mercredi 13 mars à 18h00 (ARTS W-215).

L’ordre du jour provisoire :

- Assemblée générale pour les auxiliaires d’enseignement pour discuter les négociations et notre Convention Collective

- rapports annuels du comité exécutif

- rapports annuels des comités

- élections du comité exécutif

- élections des comités

- élections du comité de pré-négociation des surveillant.e.s

L’Assemblée générale d’AÉÉDEM est le haut de la pyramide quant aux décisions et directions le Syndicat doit / peut prendre. Vous êtes considéré.e.s comme membre si vous avez travaillé comme auxiliaire d’enseignement et / ou surveillant.e d’examen au cours de l’année.

Tout membre en règle d’AÉÉDEM peut se présenter à un poste électif : président.e, secrétaire-trésorier.ère, responsable de la mobilisation, responsable aux doléances (2), responsable du Campus Macdonald, comité de pré-négociation des surveillant.e.s (3), et comité chargé de la campagne de recrutement des correcteur.rice.s (3). Il s’agit d’un mandat d’un an (du 1er mai 2019 au 30 avril 2020).

Les formulaires de nomination doivent être signé.e.s par le .la candidat.e et par 5 membres d’AÉÉDEM en règle. Les formulaires de nomination remplis peuvent être envoyés à Toute personne éligible peut poser sa candidature à un seul poste à la fois. Les membres peuvent également se présenter « in abstentia » s’ils.elles soumettent un formulaire de nomination avant l’AG.

La période de nomination pour tous les postes durera jusqu’au jeudi, le 7 mars à midi, cinq (5) jours ouvrables avant l’Assemblée générale où se dérouleront les élections. Les candidatures proposées par les participant.e.s à l’assemblée générale sont aussi acceptées, mais uniquement pour les postes comportant un.e candidat.e ou aucun.e candidat.e.

Les descriptions officielles des postes sont disponibles en anglais dans notre constitution.

Vous êtes aussi invité.e.s à soumettre des points de discussion ou des motions à adopter en envoyant tout simplement un courriel à la présidence à, jusqu’à 24 heures avant le début de la réunion.

Espérons vous y voir.

—Le comité exécutif de l'AÉÉDEM


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