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AGSEM Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Since February 24, Russian Federation has continued a military invasion of Ukraine, and is responsible for major destruction of the country, and hundreds of civilian casualties, including children. Russian aggression has caused a humanitarian crisis, and–to date–has caused nearly 2 million Ukrainians to flee the country. The invasion continues to create a major risk to the global safety and international peace.

AGSEM condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine and stands in solidarity with Ukrainian people affected by the war, including Ukrainian workers, teachers, and students.

Moreover, we condemn persecutions, censorship and disinformation Russia perpetuates against its own citizens and that AGSEM stands in solidarity with those who suffer persecution in Russia for protesting war

AGSEM stands in solidarity with all Ukrainian, Russian, and Eastern European members of McGill and Montreal community affected by these circumstances

Ukrainian people and their country urgently needs financial help to survive. Please consider donating to Ukraine. You can find a list of verified charities here.


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